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About Us

ST. XAVIER’S RAIGANJ is founded and is run by “The Jesuits of Santal Society”, a Minority Christian Society registered under the Society’s Registration Act 1860, having its headquarters at Dumka.
The SOCIETY OF JESUS, a Christian Religious Order founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola in 1540, has been active in the field of education worldwide; at present is responsible for 1878 High Schools, 88 University Colleges worldwide, 32 Technical Institutes and 8 other institutes with over 52,000 lay teachers to educate about 92,00,000 young people belonging to every social class, community and linguistic groups, being educated through the medium of English and other regional languages. These institutions are part of the Catholic Church’s effort to share in the country’s educational undertaking. This effort while being particularly responsible towards the Christian community has always been at the service of the whole nation. JESUIT EDUCATION is inspired by the vision of men drawn from the life and teachings of Jesus Christ who is always been respected and admired by the people of India. It is also based on the principles of character formation and Integrated Personality Development Program elaborated by ST. IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA. This vision and these Principles give Jesuit Institutions a specific character and set before their staff and students high ideals of humanism and service towards which they are invited to strive continually.
JESUIT EDUCATION is world-affirming. It assists in the total formation of each individual within the human community. It includes a religious dimension that permeates the entire education. It promotes dialogue between faith and culture. It insists on individual care and concern for each person. It emphasizes activity on the part of the student, INITIATES life-long openness to growth. It is value oriented; it encourages knowledge, love and acceptance of self and provides a realistic knowledge of the world in which we live. It is a preparation for active life commitment; seeks to form ‘men and women for others’ and manifests a particular concern for the underprivileged. It witnesses to excellence. It relies on a spirit of communion among teaching staff and administrators which takes place within a structure that promotes community. It adapts means and methods in order to achieve its purpose most effectively.

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